Blacklist administration

In the Blacklist Administration the user is enabled to view and maintain blacklist entries.

Four blacklist modules are available:

1.Payee name blacklist
This is a list of suspect payee names. The Getter checks the payee name on a PAD (pre-authorized draft) against this blacklist.

2.Check stock blacklist
This list is a collection of stock images which should be considered as suspect. The list is maintained globally e.g. it is not bound to a specific account. The APIA verifies each cheque item first against this image list before processing it further with the related account data.

3.Payee verification list
The payee verification list is used for the configuration of payee names and categories, and is used by the payee recognition and checking functionality of the GIA engine, if available.

4.Global fraud signature list
The Global fraud signature list is a list of signatures considered as suspect. The ASV uses the list as part of verification of a cheque.

To work with the Blacklist Administration, the user requires the configuration access right as well as the administration right for the corresponding bank numbers to be used in the corresponding blacklist modules.

The different views can be chosen by selecting the tab Payee Name, Payee Verification or Checkstock. The Global Fraud Signatures list can be viewed and managed on the Global Fraud Signatures tab.

The visibility of each view is configured in the Administration Client configuration and may differ from this documentation.