Configuration addressability

The present configuration system allows for high flexibility of configuration of the various components. To achieve this, each instance of a component can be (in some cases must be) given a unique name, which in turn selects a section from a configuration file that applies only to that particular instance.

Each instance of a component can be configured to read a different configuration file (in some cases more than one) and each machine on which a component is installed may have a different set of configuration files installed on it.

A Configuration Address consists of four parts; a machine name, a component type, a component instance name, and a configuration file name.

Each of these addresses will be mapped to the required configuration values for a particular component instance.

There are two screens responsible for configuration maintenance: Topography Editor and Configuration Element or Configuration Files Editor.

The Configuration Editors can be invoked via Configuration in the main menu of the Administration Client.

To open the Configuration Files Editor select

Admin > System Configuration

or click the button .