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Exceptions are a way of TotalAgility dealing with events that occur and need to be responded to in a particular way. All exceptions can have a process mapped to them that will be run when the exception occurs
There are two levels of exceptions within TotalAgility: system level and process level.

Exception process mapping

At system level, mapping a process to an exception means that it will be used for every process run on that server. Mapping a process to an exception at process level will override the system level setting, if one exists, and allows for exceptions to be handled to be tailored for each process.


If a process stalls an email could be sent to the relevant resource and this could be done at system level. If a job is overdue then an email could be sent to a supervisor and this might be done at process level.

List of exceptions

For a full list of these exceptions please see the Exceptions tab under the System Settings page or the Exceptions tab of the config page of a process: