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You can install Kofax RPA to resolve the issues listed below.

Issues Resolved in This Fix Pack

1802952: Updated log4j due to critical vulnerabilities CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046.

1705512: Fixed possible connection starvation in Java API.

1750259: Offscreen elements caused issues when building application tree and taking screenshots.

1696251: Driver could not handle some 5250 streams.

Features Implemented in This Fix Pack

1701213: Allow RoboServer to log in UTC time

1679295: SAML single signout - logging out from Management Console logs out from the IdP

Issues Resolved in Previous Fix Packs

Issues Resolved in Fix Pack 9

1677013: Webkit stopped if windows.close() was called in Execute JavaScript or Click steps.

1676994: Synchronizer did not work.

Issues Resolved in Fix Pack 8

1662476: Errors in Stream occurred when executing the Browse step.

1662010: An AuditLog message "admin login from" appeared every time when Robot ran.

1661137: JVM could hang DAS during Java application shutdown.

1658438: .NET API could become unresponsive on RegisterCluster.

1651391: Permission was checked incorrectly when deleting robot.

1648321: Kapplets were not correctly restored at project import.

1644158: WebKit decoded URLs incorrectly after redirects.

1638531: Design Studio became unresponsive when using Excel as input to external operations in full execution.

1635515: WebKit did not preserve URL fragment after redirect.

1635502: WebKit URL encoded characters were all uppercase instead of keeping their original case.

1635432: WebKit incorrectly encoded URL parameters.

1633073: Race condition when acquiring DAS led to authentication issues.

1628107: Race condition occurred when getting or setting tree modes.

1618594: Password store only allowed 50 items to be displayed.

1602730: Fixed performance degradation of Desktop Automation.

Known Issues in Fix Pack 8

1377525: Process Discovery Agent only works with MySQL 8.0.17 or older.

1304256: RDP connection to DAS with domain/user does not work in versions 10.3.0 -10.7.0.

Issues Resolved in Fix Pack 7

1602548: Kapplets restored from 10.3.0 version did not work for users with Kapplet User permission.

1601271: Git synchronization failed to synchronize empty project.

1601269: Git synchronization consumed excessive amount of memory when reading robot summary.

1601268: Git synchronization committed new files twice.

1601266: Git synchronization stopped without errors.

1601265: Fixed memory issue in Synchronizer.

1591225: Replaced Oracle JDK with AdoptOpenJDK.

1588162: Robots called by API using DefaultRobotLibrary were not listed in the RoboServers view.

1567084: White labeling of installers did not work.

Issues Resolved in Fix Pack 6

1563019: Docker configurator generated invalid LDAP configuration.

1563013: Temporary backup files were not deleted if backup failed.

1557418: Could not run robots from previous versions after restoring backup when using KCU license.

1552868: WebKit became unresponsive when executing Load Page and Call REST steps for specific pages when running on CentOS7.

1549516: Excluded host name list did not fit more than 1000 characters.

1543294: Error "No usable sandbox" appeared when executing robot with CEF on CentOS.

1540481: Import project with "Delete project if exists" option failed if OAuth application had been removed.

1532921: Password could be retrieved when editing schedule jobs.

1531132: Implement Merge/Reset option in project restore and synchronous execution.

1530641: Audit log entries did not always contain user prefix.

1519085: CEF did not work on Docker.

1515196: ClassCastException when executing CEF robot.

1501019: ISA became unresponsive on particular image.

1496439: Unable to create Kapplets in embedded mode.

1496382: WrappedCSSNode could not validate situation when CSSRule was null.

Issues Resolved in Fix Pack 5

1492795: OAuth data was not restored when importing project.

1492792: Constraint violation when restoring project with OAuth user.

1477152: In ISA mode ignored changes to UI that were fewer than e.g. 20 pixels.

1477965: Backup restoration failed if it contained duplicate users.

1477073: File rename in FTP directory failed during creation of new folder.

1476674: Wrong selection in listbox shell.

1475437: Session storage folder were only intermittently cleaned up.

1475032: Call Rest Service step threw error with configured proxy server.

1475436: Connection to FTP(SFTP) broke after timeout.

1475434: FTPS transfer failed.

1475433: Remove empty lines from RFS logs.

1475432: RFS server did not recover from connection issues.

1472620: MC could not authenticate user with LDAP server and CS collation set in DB.

1468640: url-parse must be upgraded to at least 1.4.5 due to security vulnerability.

1468194: SAML login did not work.

1457863: OAuth2 REFRESHTOKEN Column length was too short.

1447319: When SSL/TLS connection was closed, other connections were lost, and it was impossible to open new connections.

1445737: One word was missing in offline version of Kofax RPA User's Guide.

1444299: Crash of change detection if screen shot could not be obtained.

1411466: PDF printer configuration was incorrect.

Problems Resolved in Fix Pack 4

1456391: Users belonging to groups with Japanese characters could not log in to MC.

Issues Resolved in Fix Pack 3

1443120: Memory exhaustion in package upload for Desktop Automation.

1418845: Attended robots did not work.

1414138: Users could not be assigned to groups with Japanese characters.

1407142: RS Threshold selection did not support selecting Fix Pack version.

1404795: Wrong error message when trying to create schedules with duplicate names on 10.7.0.

1403015: Support Tomcat 8.5.51 and newer. Add .jar file scanning via configurator to Management Console context.xml.

1402529: Registration failed from Design Studio with LDAP if the user was not already set up in Management Console.

1401500: Intermittent crash in libcef.dll when starting robots.

1400870: Importing only project permission also imported robots on 10.7.

1399845: Failed to restore backups that contained unsupported DB types.

1396024: When creating user for "Users and Groups," double-byte spaces were not accepted in Full Name field.

1395890: Backup created in could not be restored back into

1381760: Poor performance when calling Close step using pattern.

1374335: Could not edit password in Password Store.

1373327: Updated SSL certificate for embedded MC (valid until 2047).

1369151: Host\instance not accepted when creating new DB in Cluster Settings.

1361841: When running robot on hybrid cluster, only the major version of the RoboServer was checked.

1357677: Cluster status for devices was not properly translated to Japanese.

1362970: Crash inside nowMethodCallback for specific site.

Issues Resolved in Fix Pack 2

1373327: Update expired SSL certificate for embedded MC.

1356015: Restore backup failed in some situations when adding admin users.

1355870: Restoring 9.2.0 backup without user groups failed.

1357020: Restoring backup with entities that contained space symbol at the end failed.

1351578: Multiple DAS instances could be started.

1349275: Incorrect collation in database caused wrong error message.

1346419: MC produced broken backup if settings contained more than one Process Discovery Group.

1344804: Could not edit user group with empty description.

1344739: Running Japanese robot via API did not work.

1338731: Corrupted description texts for RPA Administrators group in Edit dialog when running MC in Japanese.

1328775: Analyzer failed to connect to Management Console with User Management on Ubuntu 16.0.4.

1326750: Opening Kapplet became slow with many robots in project.

1294537: Duplicate users could be created in case-insensitive LDAP.

1279124: In CEF click inside or outside of expanded drop-down list after pressing Down key did not collapse the list.

1238439: "Ignore case" worked backwards in Select Option.

Issues Resolved in Fix Pack 1

1338737: Docker compose files for HA setups did not work with new version of traefik.

1338256: "Null value is not allowed" error appearred on backup restore.

1332126: Incorrect version of Getting Started with Desktop Automation Guide in offline documentation.

1332099: RoboServer on Docker could not run Desktop Automation robots.

1324368: Analyzer failed to start on Docker.

1324017: Analyzer could not connect to remote DB if DB worked in sha256_password authentication type.

1323970: Incorrrect translation of "Manual processing time saved" in KAFRPA.

1323683: Dockable frames disappeared when UI language was set to Japanese.

1323645: Corrupted description text in group Edit dialog when running MC in Japanese.

1322970: Properties and Data State windows showed information for inactive robot.

1322589: Analyzer could not open Japanese documentation.

1305104: Exception on remote machine if Notify step had empty message field.

1214323: Incorrect path to Management Console in Docker readme file.

1157211: read-lock experienced in DB after changing casing of folder and re-uploading robot.

1015202: Press Key step could not enter space bar character in CEF.

Features Introduced in Fix Pack 1

1336482: Export a project by name using REST.

Additional Information

1285119: Support for PATCH method not mentioned in Release Notes 10.7.0

Note for Kofax RPA Installation Guide - Linux installation dependencies

To use cross-platform authentication (Negotiate and NTLM protocols), your Linux installation must include one of the following Generic Security Service API (GSS-API) libraries, corresponding to the installation:

Applies To

This fix pack is a full installation. It is accumulative and includes the resolved issues released in previous Kofax RPA 11.7.0 fix packs.

You can apply this fix pack to replace any of the following versions:

Files Included

This fix pack includes the following files:

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Install This Fix Pack

Use the following procedure to install the fix pack.

  1. Back up your existing installation by creating a Management Console backup.
  2. Install the needed components. For details, see the Kofax RPA 11.7.0 Installation Guide.
  3. Restore the backup in the new Management Console.

Remove This Fix Pack

This fix pack is a full installation. Follow the standard uninstallation procedure for Windows or Linux applications.