SignDoc SDK (Java)  5.0.0
SignDocException Class Reference

SignDoc exception. More...

Inheritance diagram for SignDocException:
SignDocAmbiguousCertificateException SignDocAnnotationNotFoundException SignDocAttachmentExistsException SignDocAttachmentNotFoundException SignDocCancelledException SignDocFieldExistsException SignDocFieldNotFoundException SignDocFieldNotSignedException SignDocFontNotFoundException SignDocInvalidArgumentException SignDocInvalidImageException SignDocInvalidProfileException SignDocInvalidSignatureException SignDocInvalidStructureException SignDocIOErrorException SignDocLicenseErrorException SignDocNoBiometricDataException SignDocNoCertificateException SignDocNotAllowedException SignDocNotSupportedException SignDocNotVerifiedException SignDocPageNotFoundException SignDocPropertyNotFoundException SignDocTypeMismatchException SignDocUnexpectedErrorException SignDocWrongCollectionException

Public Member Functions

 SignDocException (int aCode)
 Constructor, without message. More...
 SignDocException (int aCode, String aMsg)
 Constructor, with message. More...
int errorCode ()
 Get the error code. More...

Public Attributes

int mCode

Static Public Attributes

static final int rc_invalid_argument = 1
 Error code: Invalid argument (1). More...
static final int rc_field_not_found = 2
 Error code: Field not found (2). More...
static final int rc_invalid_profile = 3
 Error code: Invalid profile (3). More...
static final int rc_invalid_image = 4
 Error code: Invalid image (4). More...
static final int rc_type_mismatch = 5
 Error code: Type mismatch (5). More...
static final int rc_font_not_found = 6
 Error code: Font not found (6). More...
static final int rc_not_supported = 8
 Error code: Operation not supported (8). More...
static final int rc_io_error = 9
 Error code: I/O error (9). More...
static final int rc_not_verified = 10
 Error code: Signature not verified (10). More...
static final int rc_property_not_found = 11
 Error code: Property not found (11). More...
static final int rc_page_not_found = 12
 Error code: Page not found (12). More...
static final int rc_wrong_collection = 13
 Error code: Wrong collection (13). More...
static final int rc_field_exists = 14
 Error code: Field already exists (14). More...
static final int rc_license_error = 15
 Error code: License error (15) More...
static final int rc_unexpected_error = 16
 Error code: Unexpected error (16). More...
static final int rc_cancelled = 17
 Error code: Operation cancalled (17). More...
static final int rc_no_biometric_data = 18
 Error code: No biometric data (18). More...
static final int rc_field_not_signed = 20
 Error code: Field not signed (20). More...
static final int rc_invalid_signature = 21
 Error code: Signature is not valid (21). More...
static final int rc_annotation_not_found = 22
 Error code: Annotation not found (22). More...
static final int rc_attachment_not_found = 23
 Error code: Attachment not found (23). More...
static final int rc_attachment_exists = 24
 Error code: Attachment already exists (24). More...
static final int rc_no_certificate = 25
 Error code: No certificate found (25). More...
static final int rc_ambiguous_certificate = 26
 Error code: Ambiguous certificate (26). More...
static final int rc_not_allowed = 27
 Error code: Operation not allowed (27). More...
static final int rc_invalid_structure = 28
 Error code: Invalid logical structure (28). More...
static final int rc_unknown_parameter = 29
 Error code: Unknown parameter (29). More...
static final int rc_invalid_value = 30
 Error code: Invalid value (30). More...

Detailed Description

SignDoc exception.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SignDocException ( int  aCode)

Constructor, without message.

[in]aCodeThe error code.
SignDocException ( int  aCode,
String  aMsg 

Constructor, with message.

[in]aCodeThe error code.
[in]aMsgThe message.

Member Function Documentation

int errorCode ( )

Get the error code.

The error code.

Member Data Documentation

int mCode
final int rc_ambiguous_certificate = 26

Error code: Ambiguous certificate (26).

More than one matching certificate found and SignDocSignatureParameters.csf_never_ask is specified.

final int rc_annotation_not_found = 22

Error code: Annotation not found (22).

Reported by SignDocDocument.getAnnotation().

final int rc_attachment_exists = 24

Error code: Attachment already exists (24).

final int rc_attachment_not_found = 23

Error code: Attachment not found (23).

final int rc_cancelled = 17

Error code: Operation cancalled (17).

Certificate selection dialog cancelled by user.

final int rc_field_exists = 14

Error code: Field already exists (14).

Field names must be unique.

final int rc_field_not_found = 2

Error code: Field not found (2).

The specified field does not exist or (if a signature field is expected) is not a signature field.

final int rc_field_not_signed = 20

Error code: Field not signed (20).

Reported by SignDocDocument.copyAsSignedToStream() if the field is not signed.

final int rc_font_not_found = 6

Error code: Font not found (6).

The requested font could not be found or does not contain all required characters.

See also
SignDocDocument.setShootInFoot(), SignDocDocumentLoader.loadFontConfigFile()
final int rc_invalid_argument = 1

Error code: Invalid argument (1).

An invalid value was passed for at least one parameter. This return code can also be returned for invalid documents.

final int rc_invalid_image = 4

Error code: Invalid image (4).

The specified image cannot be used. This can happen if the image's format is unsupported or if the image is broken.

final int rc_invalid_profile = 3

Error code: Invalid profile (3).

The specified profile is unknown or not applicable.

final int rc_invalid_signature = 21
final int rc_invalid_structure = 28

Error code: Invalid logical structure (28).

The document has invalid logical structure.

See also
final int rc_invalid_value = 30
final int rc_io_error = 9

Error code: I/O error (9).

An error occurred while trying to open, read, or write a file.

final int rc_license_error = 15

Error code: License error (15)

License initialization failed (missing or invalid license key or license file) or license check failed (you don't have a license for the requested operation).

final int rc_no_biometric_data = 18

Error code: No biometric data (18).

This code is returned by member functions of SignDocVerificationResult if there is no biometric data or no biometric hash.

final int rc_no_certificate = 25

Error code: No certificate found (25).

No (matching) certificate found and SignDocSignatureParameters.csf_create_self_signed is not specified.

final int rc_not_allowed = 27

Error code: Operation not allowed (27).

Operation not allowed due to document being signed or conforming to PDF/A or PDF/UA or having logical structure.

See also
SignDocDocument.removePDFA(), SignDocDocument.removePDFUA(), SignDocDocument.setShootInFoot()
final int rc_not_supported = 8

Error code: Operation not supported (8).

In most cases, this return code indicates invalid data (such as broken or unsupported biometric data).

final int rc_not_verified = 10

Error code: Signature not verified (10).

This code is returned by member functions of SignDocVerificationResult if SignDocDocument.verifySignature() has not been called.

final int rc_page_not_found = 12

Error code: Page not found (12).

The specified page number is not a valid page number.

final int rc_property_not_found = 11

Error code: Property not found (11).

The specified property does not exist.

final int rc_type_mismatch = 5

Error code: Type mismatch (5).

The type (e.g., string) implied by the function does not match the type of the named property.

final int rc_unexpected_error = 16

Error code: Unexpected error (16).

Something failed in an unexpected way or there's no error code that fits the failure.

final int rc_unknown_parameter = 29
final int rc_wrong_collection = 13

Error code: Wrong collection (13).

The specified property exists, but not in the specified collection.

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