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SignWare Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
de.softpro.signware.SPAcquireAcquire a signature / reference without GUI on the computer screen
de.softpro.signware.SPAcquire2Acquire a signature / reference without GUI on the computer screen
de.softpro.signware.SPBackgroundObjectsContainer for tablet background objects
de.softpro.signware.SPBitmapCreate a standard image from a signware, SPSignature, SPReference, SPTemplate or SPImage object
de.softpro.signware.SPCleanParameterRepresentation of cleaning parameters
SPCleanParameter is used in SPImage.clean. SPCleanParameters can be serialized and deserialized
de.softpro.signware.SPCompareCompare a SPSignature or SPImage object against a SPReference or SPTemplate or SPImage object
de.softpro.signware.SPFlatFileFlatfile representation of a reference or template
The flatfile representation may be used to save a reference or a template as a blob in a database or in a file
de.softpro.signware.SPGuiAcquAcquire a signature / reference
de.softpro.signware.SPImageThe SPImage object implements a representation of a static image. The image may be loaded from a color, a gray-scale or a black-and-white image, most image formats can be read, such as tiff, jpeg, png, gif and many more. The SPImage object can load indexed color images, however the saved image will be converted to a true color image
de.softpro.signware.SPJGuiAcquAcquire a signature / reference with GUI on the computer screen
de.softpro.signware.SPJGuiContainerThe container may hold one or more SignWare Gui (SPGuiAcqu, SPJGuiDisp or SPJGuiDyn) objects. The container includes a layout manager to display the objects horizontally tiled, vertically tiled or stacked
de.softpro.signware.SPJGuiDispDisplay a signature / image in a java panel
de.softpro.signware.SPJGuiDynDisplay a signature / image in a java panel
de.softpro.signware.SPPropertyMapRepresentation of a parameter container
SPPropertyMap is used in SPSignature.check and SPReference.check. SPPropertyMap can be serialized and deserialized
de.softpro.signware.SPReferenceRepresentation of a SignWare reference object
de.softpro.signware.SPScannerRepresentation of a Signware scanner object
de.softpro.signware.SPScannerEnumRepresentation of a Signware scanner enumeration object
de.softpro.signware.SPScannerEventListenerListener for scanner events
de.softpro.signware.SPSignatureRepresentation of a Signware signature object
de.softpro.signware.SPSignwareSignware base class
de.softpro.signware.SPSignwareDefaultsDefine some typical default values
de.softpro.signware.SPSignwareExceptionThis class includes Signware errors with an error description
de.softpro.signware.SPSignwareObjectEncapsulates the native object that is used by the SPSignware subsystem
de.softpro.signware.SPSmartcardSmartcard object
de.softpro.signware.SPSmartcardDriverSmartcard driver object
de.softpro.signware.SPSmartcardDriverDialogSPSmartcardDriverDialog implements a simple GUI to select one of the installed smartcard readers
de.softpro.signware.SPTabletTablet object
de.softpro.signware.SPTabletEnumTablet enumerator object
de.softpro.signware.SPTabletEventListenerListener for tablet events
de.softpro.signware.SPTabletEventListener2Listener for tablet events
de.softpro.signware.SPTabletVectorThis class represents a tablet vector
de.softpro.signware.SPTabletVector2This class represents a tablet vector
de.softpro.signware.SPTellerRepresentation of a SignBase® Teller interface object
The interface allows for accessing SignBase® functionality within SignWare®
de.softpro.signware.SPTellerImageReperesentation of a SignBase® Teller Image
The interface allows for accessing SignBase® functionality within SignWare®.
This class is not serializable, please serialize the SPSignature / SPReference / SPImage, and instantiate a SPTellerImageObject from the serialized SPSignature / SPReference / SPImage
de.softpro.signware.SPTemplateRepresent a template
de.softpro.signware.SPTemplateOptionRepresent a Signware template option
de.softpro.signware.SPTicketRepresentation of a license ticket
de.softpro.signware.SPVersionInfoSignWare Version module
de.softpro.signware.SPWeightedFrameContainer for a Rectangle and the associated weight