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J-API Documentation

J-API Version 3.3.0

SignWare J-API

The package de.softpro.signware implements a java wrapper to access SignWare objects from a java virtual machine. The wrapper uses jni to access the core SignWare objects. These objects are accessible from the java environment:

All classes are packed into SPSignware_33.jar.

Major differences between java and core SignWare implementation:


FAQs Frequently asked questions

I see an exception message "SPSignwareException -5, Unsupported Function whenever a XSPGuiAcqu object is instantiated".
This exception will be thrown when the java runtime modules are not accessible from the native modules. The native modules try to load jawt.dll, which must be accessible from the path variable.

Error handling and Debugging

An error stream handler is provided in class SPSignware. The method SPSignware.setLogStream allows to define a log stream. The entries SPSignware.println and SPSignware.printStackTrace both write to the stream.

All SignWare classes will write errors to the stream. No output will be written as long as you do not provide for a stream.

Please also see the section SignWare C-API (Core) Error handling and Debugging.


Java SDK Version history

Versions are detailed in the file ReleaseNotes.html.