Known issues

This section describes issues that you may encounter while using DRS and provides workarounds, as applicable.

DRS 7.13.2/8.0.3

When running the DRS upgrade tool, the user may not get the popup to grant write access to the LocalDB files. If this happens, the following error appears: Message: Failed to update database "C:\PROGRAM FILES\NUANCE\DEVICE REGISTRATION SERVICE\SERVICE\DRS_LDB.MDF" because the database is set to read-only.

Workaround: Give the following files write access for the user running the upgrade tool: C:\Program Files\Nuance\Device Registration Service\Service\DRS_LDB.mdf and C:\Program Files\Nuance\Device Registration Service\Service\DRS_LDB_log.ldf. To do this, right-click each file and select Properties. Go to the Security tab, add the user and select Allow for Write. Re-run the upgrade tool.

The Konica Minolta Combined Client does not enforce usage quotas.

DRS 7.13.1/8.0.1

AutoStore Windows authentication SSO does not work when CAC server and the AS server run on different domain.

DRS 7.13/8.0.0

HomeKey Assignment Mode set to UI Change Mode which puts the Ricoh Home Key in the top left corner of the panel is not currently supported.

DRS 7.12

  • The order of fields upon adding an application are different between an upgrade and a new installation.
  • The order of actions are off from upgrade compared to a new installation.
  • The order of customized workflow buttons may change on the device console if the default workflow is not available.
  • Plugin folders may remain from a previous version of DRS. The installation process will not remove folders installed separately. Plugin folders that should not no longer appear in the current build of DRS may therefore have to be removed manually.
  • In device groups with Inherit properties from group set to true. When the Application for a group is changed, devices already in the group do not inherit the new Application. When a device is with a different Application than the group is added to the group, it may also not inherit the group Application. This issue is still under investigation.
  • Users were sometimes unable to log into a device after installing and configuring it using DRS. Error messages showed Error:-15 and Identification failed errors. This issue is observed to occur when a device is installed manually and then configured with DRS.
  • A warning may be observed when deleting a device group that The deletion of the device may result in the inability to unregister the application from the device. Do you want to continue? This is by design as removing a group in this case may lead to an inability to unregister the Application associated with the group from devices if an Action is in progress while the group is deleted.
  • Konica Minolta iOption: DRS 7.9 Konica Minolta plugin may try to register against the highest version of OpenAPI. Makes sure that you register authentication on the device with OpenAPI version not higher than 4.9. Konica Minolta Bizhub and AccurioPress devices that support i-Option function:
    • bizhub C659/C759
    • bizhub 4052/4752
    • bizhub 658e/558e/458e/368e/308e
    • AccurioPress 6120/6136/6136P
    • AccurioPress C3080/C3080P/C3070

DRS 7.11

In the Device Registration System Configuration tool, when Run Service under Network Account is selected on the Service tab, the error message Service credentials are invalid is displayed even when the Username and Password are valid. In order to use the Network Account option, you must start the Device Registration Service in the Windows Services console.

Combined Client for Ricoh

The following limitations may affect your use of the combined client:

  • The Combined Client (Ricoh ESA) does not support turning off HTTP web services when the single sign-on () function is required with CAC version 3.1.8. As a result, the user name does not pass from CAC to the Combined Client when HTTP web services are disabled with only HTTPS enabled on the Ricoh MFP device. Communication between the MFP device and the server that hosts Device Registration Service, AutoStore, or Output Manager is not affected by disabling the HTTP web service.
  • The Combined Client for Ricoh accounting tracking for scan and fax activities has changed. Scan tracking is limited to AutoStore scan only. Fax tracking is no longer available.
  • Premature logout from CAP during AutoStore scan will disrupt MFP sleep mode transition.

Unified Client for Samsung Smart UX

  • Two icons are displayed on the device after clicking on Administrator to access the native screen. Clicking on an icon displays an error message indicating that user is not logged in.
  • The Multipage option in AutoStore does not work for TIFF and XPS file types. Pages are still scanned to single page TIFF and XPS files when the Multipage option is selected.

Unified Client for Toshiba v 1.0

  • If a Toshiba device is powered off while the Unified Client for Toshiba v 1.0 is processing a job, history and billing information will be lost for the job after the device is restarted and the connection to the server is reestablished. Reestablishing the connection between the client and the service after the device is restarted may also require multiple reboots of the device and restarting DRS services on the server.
  • Changing the Application specified by the Application setting in the DRS Device settings and then running the Install and Register action generates a DWS Installation failure error in the Action History or an internal device error. To avoid these errors, run the Uninstall and Deregister action before changing the Application setting for a previously installed and registered Device.
  • The Welcome screen still shows after deregistering a device when the Server configuration property in the Application Properties dialog box is initially set to Equitrac only or AutoStore and Equitrac and then changed to AutoStore only. You must restart the device to resolve this issue.