Previously released resolved issues

This section describes issues that were resolved in previously released versions of DRS.

DRS (8.1.6)

1558057: DRS documentation updated to include details about new Unified Client 1.0 for Xerox.

1557285 / 13087: Enhanced and optimized password security while connecting to SQL servers. Also installer checks and updates binaries for Amazon Corretto ( instead of Oracle JRE.

1546434 / 13344: Fixed configuration failure while configuring PCC5 on IMC300 when AutoStore is configured along with Equitrac having 4 DCEs.


1467159: The [Authentication Screen] option is available when use the "AutoStore Only" application.

1407993: Konica Minolta Combined Client will not scan if the device is configured in DRS with its fully qualified domain name.

DRS (8.1.1)

1425804: Konica Minolta CC DRS plugin IT5 or IT6 devices stop at 20 copies with Output Manager when balance type not set to unlimited. The plugin has been updated to correct this.

1406336: Added fallback matching of domain group using display and common name from LDAP distinguished name.

1398986: Prevented double clicking of add button when creating new device group.

1396641: Limit activation area of "Enable Local DB" to its checkbox and label only.

1396638: Enable selection of application profile for device not inheriting from its group.

1383642: Reselect edited application upon successful save.

1383608: Unable to delete member devices following warning message when trying to delete group.

1327664: Added secure marking to web client TLS cookies.

D-17325: Konica Minolta CC DRS plugin. Unregistering Authentication caused 3rd party authentication applications to be removed. We check to only remove Kofax authentication.