Resolved issues

This section describes issues that were resolved in previously released versions of DWS.

DWS (5.11.6)

1575317/ 1575315: Fixed the 20 seconds delay caused by the login process waiting for authorization agent in "AuthZ off" scenario where this does not make sense.

1559439 / 1559436 / 14540 / 14542: An issue was discovered where third-party card readers configured for HID output were not read. This has been addressed so that we now read the data and pass through the characters as received from the third-party reader. Card readers not following this format will pass through the raw data read.

1554405 / 13265: Fixed an issue where if an HP UC device was offline during DWS start-up, it would only allow guest user access once it came online.

1554048 / 13265: Fixed an issue where offline devices running HP UC were holding up online devices, when DWS was rebooted, from being able to login promptly without delay.

1538292 / 13265: Fixed an issue related to online devices not being able to login in a timely fashion after a DWS service restart when there are offline devices present during the restart.

DWS (5.11.5)

1543945 / 12948 / 1501772: Fixed an issue where Epson Unified Client cannot register cards due to Login screen being obscured.

1538288: Fixed an issue where the Unified Client for HP did not provide AutoStore with the email address provided by a third party authentication system.

1517591: Fixed an issue where Kofax Unified Client for HP application icon on the device panel should display the Kofax logo.

1513326 / 13029: HP Unified Client-Intermittent issue with Authenticated username not coming through to AutoStore - HP UC intermittent failure of SSO when using third party authentication.

1511529: Fixed an issue where the Xerox ECSP embedded client application icon(s) incorrectly displayed on the device panel as gear icons instead of the Kofax icons.

1493613: The Unified Client for HP added support for HiD iClass CSN (7D01) card type for HP X3 or CZ208A readers.


1440938: Fixed an issue where Konica Minolta Combined Client encryption of the password is not working properly when metadata is being passed into the knowledge package.

1396666: Fixed an issue where Konica Minolta Combined Client Users cannot see Follow You Print jobs on the local DRE in multi-DRE configurations .

1300491: WS notice file added 1300491.


1468989: Resolved an issue where the print list was empty after refresh.

1452921: Fixed an issue where Follow-You Printing delete to delete all docs at once rather than one at a time.

1451105: Fixed an issue where Follow-You Printing UI updates to force refresh number of copies/force mono.

DWS (5.10.0)

1447203: After upgrading to DWS 5.10.0, it is recommended that sites with Fuji-Xerox MFPs reboot their Device Web Server in order for job polling to continue normally.

B-23497: Added new 2020 Xerox Root CA to DWS trusted keystore. This will ensure that Xerox devices using this CA can connect to Xerox ECSP as expected.