Resolved issues

This section describes issues that are resolved in Output Manager.

Output Manager DB (SQL) credentials were reset to their default settings after upgrade

1497562: An issue in which server configuration information was lost (reset to default values) has been fixed. Examples of information that is reset are the SQL Server instance and database names. NOTE that this release contains the fix that will prevent this issue from occurring in the future. It will not prevent the condition from occurring when upgrading from an earlier version of ControlSuite to this version.

RFIdeas reader installation location was incorrect

1511363: Fixed an issue where the RFIDeas241Reader server side code was installed into a misnamed folder and was inaccessible at run time.

When transforming a PNG file to PDF, the resulting image can be skewed

1590044: When a PNG file is transformed to PDF, the resulting image can be skewed. A fix for this has been provided that requires a change to the DTS web.config file. See the appSettings section for a discussion of the key - DatatypeOverrides.

Group to department mapping timed out when working with large number of AD users

1449587: Group to department mapping performance has been improved.

DBM service unhandled exception occurred on initial startup if run without local admin credentials

1443052: An issue was fixed in which an unhandled exception could occur if the Output Manager DBM service was started without ever having been started using local admin credentials.

Cannot parse Orientation in jobs from latest version of Xerox Pull Print driver

1545736: An issue in which Xerox XCPT printer families are unable to parse Orientation from jobs created with the latest version of the Xerox Pull Print driver (as of 2020-10-08) has been fixed.

Transforming certain PDFs to XPS failed with 'mem alloc failed' error

1537480: An issue in which certain PDF to XPS transforms fail with the following error in the transform log: MCF1047E Error writing output page 'X'(CpRc='44': CPERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY 'Mem alloc failed'), has been fixed.

Transforming Google Docs PDF file with Calibri font to XPS resulted in corrupt characters

1542450: An issue that could occur when transforming PDF documents to XPS, that were created with Google Docs and contain the Calibri font, has been fixed.

Unhandled exception in Job Parsing profile when Konica Minolta printer family was used

1549082: An unhandled exception that could occur when configuring a Job Parsing profile to use the "Konica Minolta" printer family has been fixed.

DBM not communicating with license server

1573747: An issue in which "Error 12175 calling ServerCertificateValidationCallback" can occur in the Output Manager DBM has been addressed.

Konica Minolta MFP screen was blank after upgrade

1449978: An issue has been fixed in which after an upgrade, the Konica Minolta MFP screen is blank and does not function.

Output Manager Console failed when switching from Devices application to Manage Device

1466710: A problem in which the Output Manager Console could crash when switching from the Devices application to Manage Devices, has been fixed.

Global group routing not working

1552711: An issue in which Global Group Routing was not working has been fixed.