Resolved issues

This section describes issues that are resolved in AutoStore.

QuickCapture did not support a default scan format

1442432: QuickCapture supports a default scan format.

Contrast, Darkness and Sharpness scan settings were missing

1491103: HP OXPd - Contrast, Darkness and Sharpness scan settings were missing, and the page was blank in non-English language. (AS8).

Error on panel when using billing code with MULTI-space

1529397: Konica Minolta Combined Client - An error displayed on the panel when the selected billing code included MULTI-space.

Kyocera Hypas fix did not correct licensing if hostnames were used

1556082: Autostore 1.1.0 - The Kyocera Hypas fix from OOS 13161 uses hostname for licensing.

Input/output parameters not implemented for splitting document scripts

1557499: The OPBarcode scripting documentation has been updated with information on how to split the document if the barcode value changes.

Page rotation failed if external Script was enabled

1557487: Pages are rotated correctly in the OCBarcode component, even if in an external script is used.

Original document was passed on in the OPBarcode component

1557491: The original document is no longer passed on in the OPBarcode component if "Split" is enabled.

Trial license does not work on the day of expiry

1559229: The trial license works on the day of expiry.

DPI reduced to 150 when load option was set to 300

1563754: The PIM component uses the PDF Load Option's resolution setting correctly, and it is not reducing the resolution to 150 DPI.

Incorrect RRT values reported for barcode pages

1564825: The OPBarcode component correctly reports the barcode values through RRTs.

Failed to get temporary filename for saved attached file

1563756: The IMAP Capture component correctly handles attachments with Unicode characters.

OCR engine failed when document had faulty/empty pages

1570256: The OCR component handles empty/faulty pages correctly, which it used to report 0x8004C60A "Error in image compression" errors for.

OPBarcode incorrectly set the split position

1563742: The OPBarcode component sets the split position to "Before separator page" if the "Keep separator pages" option is turned off.

Incorrect RRT value if "Keep separator pages" checkbox was turned OFF

1562752: The "All barcodes" RRT value was not correctly filled by the OPBarcode component, even if "Keep separator pages" was turned off.

Incorrect file name generated if original file name contained a period

1576494: The SharePoint component correctly generates file names, when the original file has a period in its name and ~SPF::FileExt~ is used in the naming scheme.

'Keep PDF Annotations' setting did not activate, resulting in the same output as a normal PDF

1580894: The OCR component will not convert PDF/A documents into normal PDF documents even if the "Keep PDF Annotations" option was turned on.

2D Barcode License slider was missing from Configuration Assistant

1583312: The 2D Barcode licenses can be distributed through the AutoStore Licensing section in Configuration Assistant.

Kyocera does not display the Group forms when Group Settings are configured with hostname/FQDN

1583639: Kyocera did not display the Group forms when Group Settings are configured with hostname/FQDN. However, this works with IP.

Database lookup in AutoCapture did not show results when specific string list items were in the form

1466236: Fixed the database lookup failure in AutoCapture if specific string list items were in the form.

The Send to Database connector did work if a value contained an apostrophe

1584159: The Send To Database component does not fail if values contain apostrophe.

OPBarcode split function using wildcard or regexp failed if the barcode result contained unicode characters

1582896: Modified the way OPBarcode handles regular expressions. Refer to the component documentation for further details.

Barcode recognition did not work with deskew preprocess turned on

1574116: Improved barcode recognition by turning off the deskew preprocess step in OPBarcode.

Poor PFD file generation after running it through the PIM

1563321: Improved PDF file generation in PIM.