Application analytics

Starting with TotalAgility 7.11.0, Kofax will collect technical product usage data to understand how TotalAgility is being used.

Some examples of the data that is collected:

  • Number of users defined in the system

  • Average login time per user

  • Distinct number of logged-in users

  • Total login time across users

  • Number of jobs created in the last n hours (n=number)

  • Number of documents created in the last n hours

  • Number of activities executed in the last n hours

    • Number of manual activities

    • Number of automatic activities

    • Number of capture activities

Application Analytics is secured using an API key (per customer) to prevent unauthorized usage and to ensure that the data received is authentic. The data is sent using a scheduled system task over HTTPS to Kofax and when the data is received, it is transformed and stored on the Kofax domain for analysis by Kofax personnel.

Application Analytics is enabled by default, but you can opt out of sending data at any time.

In TotalAgility on-premise, a new Opt out option is available under Application analytics in System > System settings > System > General

In the Tenant Management system, a new Application analytics option is available and applies to all tenants.

A new Telemetry system task periodically collects data about the application and sends data from TotalAgility to Kofax every 24 hours by default. Only the data that has changed since the system task ran last is collected.