Transformation Designer enhancements

This topic summarizes the new and enhanced features of Transformation Designer.

Warn users on Reporting database growth

You can monitor the growth of the Reporting database tables by configuring a custom job for the Microsoft SQL Agent service. The query for creating a job contains the parameters that allow you to configure the thresholds for growth warnings. See the query example available at the following location in your Kofax TotalAgility installation files:

\\TotalAgilityInstall\DatabaseScripts\SQL Server\Reporting\DB Growth Scripts

Support for Anti-CSRF per-request tokens to prevent replay attacks

Anti-CSRF in TotalAgility is enhanced to optionally support a per-request token instead of a per-session token. This approach prevents replay attacks where the same request is manually edited and re-sent.

Table detection

Table detection uses a separate recognition engine and machine learning to automatically locate and identify multiple tables on a document.

There are three levels of automatic table identification that you can use:

  • Table detection

  • Table detection + table labels

  • Table detection + table labels + column labels

Regardless of how you use this training information, you can export the extracted table data to a downstream system. For more information, see Manage table detection.

Advanced Table Locator

This locator uses table extraction results from a separate recognition engine to locate one or more tables on a document. On its own, this locator method does not extract anything. Because of this, it is necessary to configure table detection before using an Advanced Table Locator.

One document may have several tables. You can assign a table model to each unique table on the document, but if you want to extract multiple tables from that document, a separate Advanced Table Locator is required for each table label. For more information, see Advanced Table Locator.

Zone extraction for Kofax Clarity

Kofax Clarity zone recognition is used when a Kofax Clarity zone profile is configured. This zone profile is available in the Advanced Zone Locator only.

Zone recognition from Kofax Clarity uses clean zone snippets from the Advanced Zone Locator, which is designed for fixed-form documents only.

It is not possible to use the Kofax Clarity zone profile as the default recognition profile, as a field reread profile, or as input for a mixed print profile.

To optimize zone recognition, one or more pages with individual zones are bundled together and sent to Kofax Clarity. A volume license is consumed for each page in the bundle.

OmniPage update

The OmniPage recognition engine was updated to version This upgrade provides improved Arabic language recognition and support for PDF/A-4.

New OmniPage recognition setting

Use the new Additional Characters setting to refine your recognition results. This comma-separated list contains characters that are accepted in addition to the selected language. For more information, see OmniPage Zone Profile Settings window.