Capture Client and Web capture control enhancements

This topic summarizes the new and enhanced features in Capture Client and Web capture control.

Ability to print/download documents and images

Two new buttons are available on the toolbar for the Web capture control and the Document review, Validation, and Verification activities.

  • Print: Use this button to print the current document, folder (all documents within a folder), or page.

  • Download: Use this button to download the images (TIFF images) of the current document or page. You can download the TIFF images for documents without a source file. If a document has multiple images, such as source files, TIFF images, and generated PDFs, you can choose the image type to download.

Apply permanent redactions to exported PDF files

In the Web capture control and Capture Client, permanent redactions (if any) are applied to the exported PDF file regardless of the "Export annotations" option.

The original document source file or generated PDF is not updated.

Hotkey configuration enhancement

In Capture Client, you can configure the "Pop-up window shortcut" and use the Enter key as a custom key for the shortcuts.

When configuring the hotkeys, a new Restore defaults button is available in the Capture configurable keys pop-up to restore the default configuration for all commands including the pop-up window shortcuts.

Use the new Disable hotkeys setting available on the General tab of the Activity and Scan create new job forms to disable all configurable shortcuts (single and double) on a per-form basis.

Upload complete event handler to Scan control

A new UploadComplete event is available in the Scan control. You can use this event to avoid timing issues with the image upload completion.

Display files from sources other than the Capture document repository

The Web Capture control can display documents from the following custom sources: Local path on the Web server, Windows file share, and HTTP GET URL.

You can set the custom document source by setting the document ID to one of the supported custom sources using the Same page form action.

A new Use eDoc rendering option is added in the Web Capture control which when enabled renders all types of documents (images and eDocs, such as PDF, DOC, XLS, and more) that are loaded from the custom sources as images.

If a document is loaded from the custom source, a few buttons such as Save, Delete Page, and Move Page Up/Move Page Down on a Web Capture control toolbar are disabled.

Prevent creating empty jobs

Use the new Prevent creating an empty job option available in the General properties of the Capture Composite controls to prevent creating unintended empty jobs if there are no pages or document source files available.

Show field with proper control types

The Verification control now displays the configured field type instead of always using the text field type. This change applies to field types (Text, Combo, and Checkbox) a Verification activity supports.

For the checkboxes, an indeterminate state (not checked, not unchecked) is added for the blind double keying verification mode.

Enhancement to Capture client form action

The Capture Client form action is enhanced to include new action items to do the following:

  • Mark the specified document for online learning or remove such a mark.

  • Update the Scan profile in the Scan create new job and Scan activity forms.