Changes in behavior

This topic describe changes to the product behavior since the previous release.

Quick App image and description

The existing Quick RPA and Quick Workflow Apps are assigned a default image and description that can be updated if required.

Refresh group membership on logon now optional

In earlier versions of TotalAgility, the group membership for a user was automatically refreshed on logon based on the user claims and user claim rules if either changed since the last logon. Now, you can optionally refresh group membership by configuring the new Refresh group membership on logon setting in the "Federated security" settings in TotalAgility Designer. This setting is selected by default. However, if upgrading TotalAgility from earlier versions, this setting is clear for existing federated security providers.

CreateJobAndStartAt API to evaluate the job synchronously

In earlier versions of TotalAgility, the CreateJobAndStartAt API evaluated the job asynchronously. Now it evaluates the job synchronously, as it requires the job to be evaluated immediately before the job restart.

RoboServer/Cluster details removed

The Communication type option and the RoboServer/Cluster details are removed from the TotalAgility RPA integration.

Online learning control removed

The Online learning control is removed from the Extraction group in the TotalAgility Designer.

Legacy wrappers removed

Legacy wrappers are no longer available for installation or an upgrade. Going forward, any component using these wrappers will not work.