Resolved issues

This topic lists the issues that are resolved in Kofax TotalAgility 7.11.0.

Upgrade issue

1943164: The upgrade to Kofax TotalAgility 7.11.0 failed on UpdateBusinessProcessVariableDisplayProperties with the following error: "Error upgrading database artifacts."

Document conversion node issue

1871338: The Document conversion node failed to suspend when the suspend reason was configured.

Configuration utility issue

1870929: The Configuration utility failed to save changes if the database password had a semicolon (;) in the SQL user's password.

Validation form issue after changing document

1870734: The field region of the Validation form was not displayed after changing the document.

Mapping document.NoOfPages to a database column

1866316: The document.NoOfPages property could not be mapped directly to a database column in a Data access activity.

UseHostPrefixForCookies set to True with HTTP installation

1865341: The UseHostPrefixForCookies property was incorrectly set to True with the HTTP installation.

Updating Web service reference using the 'Deploy' feature

1864904: On deploying the imported package, the Web service reference in the destination environment was not updated with the correct configuration and retained the Web service reference of the source environment.

Reapplying the value in a Capture combo box

1862755: On reapplying a value, the Capture combo box did not display text instead of the value.

Additional line breaks when filling document templates

1861825: When a document template was filled with a value containing a line, an additional line break was inserted in the Word document.

Apostrophe in the Work queue query name

1861541: A Work queue query containing an apostrophe in the name did not appear correctly at runtime.

Field 'extractionConfident' returned as false

1860768: The extractionConfident field returned as false in response to the CreateJobSyncWithDocuments API call, even though it displayed as true in the Repository Browser.

Fast highlighting of text

1860521: Fast highlighting of text with the mouse did not work as expected in TotalAgility Designer.

Ingest Shared Connectors system task not added to DEV2 environment

1859957: If a DEV2 environment was created before TotalAgility or later was applied to the environment, the Ingest Shared Connectors system task was not added to the DEV2 environment.

TotalAgility SaaS: Inbox folder could not be polled

1858907: A folder that was 11 or more level deep in the Inbox could not be polled via MS Graph.

Variable using an expression on subjob remained empty

1858273: If a variable used an expression to calculate its value in a subprocess, instead of calculating the value, it remained empty.

Error when copying/pasting a Decision node

1857698: Copying and pasting a Decision node in a business rule did not work and displayed the "Only automatic activities are allowed in a synchronous process" error.

Documentation: Missing batch_state values

1856024: The batch_state values were missing in the Reporting Tables documentation.

Some non-Capture activity forms not visible

1849763: A non-Capture activity form was not visible when loaded in the TotalAgility Workspace under certain conditions, such as a table added to the form, one or more drop-down lists added to table columns as the control type, or the drop-down list using "Static" for the data source option.

Inaccurate error on job creation

1849757: The "Length cannot be less than zero" error on job creation was not meaningful, as it did not state the expression that failed on job creation.

Business process documentation issue

1849503: The generated documentation of a business process did not work when Chrome was set to use the German language.

Database error on package import

1848990: When importing a package and overwriting server variables that existed in the embedded package, the UpdateServerVariable database error occurred.

An issue with field zoom settings on the first form load

1847899: The field zoom settings did not work on the first form load.

An issue with Begin condition action when comparing strings

1847824: The Begin condition action in forms could not handle brackets like "(" or ")" to compare strings.

Missing 'MergeChunkObjects' stored procedure

1847233: In an environment with SQL Azure, when ingesting a PDF through File import source, the "Can't process empty document (there are no pages and no multi-page file representation)" error appeared against the document and in the Repository Browser due to the missing MergeChunkObjects stored procedure.

Field formatter value from Validation not used

1843918: The field formatter value from Validation was not used in document Verification.

Query name displayed as 'Undefined'

1841594: The query name was displayed as "Undefined" when using actions to change queries on a Work queue control.

RefreshCaptureForm action issue

1838220: The RefreshCaptureForm action did not show the auto-complete activity prompt if the batch was valid.

Issues when upgrading the Tenant Management System first

1837128: Upgrading Tenant Management System first resulted in the Agility.Server.Web folder being clear. Then trying to run Setup.exe for installing TotalAgility on-premise multi-tenant displayed the error stating, "A higher version of TotalAgility is already installed on this machine."

Redirecting back to a TotalAgility Scan create new job form

1836938: Redirecting back to a TotalAgility Scan create new job form failed after a few times.

Wrong coordinates for zone detection with FormXtra

1836426: When a mixed print profile was configured to use FormXtra, sometimes a value for the same area appeared twice in the representation and the zonal coordinate for the final result was not set correctly.

An issue with 'Allow operator to classify documents'

1836404: The Validation activity option, "Allow operator to classify documents," could not be enabled once disabled if the process was released and closed.

Display issue with the case activity form

1834575: Blank page appeared in Workspace, as the case activity form was not displayed.

Installation issue when using minimum database permissions

1830579: TotalAgility could not be installed when using minimum database permissions.

Retention policy issue

1828356: The Retention policy did not generate an error when it failed to delete a locked document.

Sorting issue in a Work queue query

1828014: The sorting options were not saved, and sorting did not work properly in a Work queue query.

Reporting: Issue with table rows added in Validation

1826922: Table cell records added in Validation and not modified by the user had cells set as system extracted (is_system_extracted = 1). Those with non-blank default values had extraction set to the current session (extr_batch_sess_key).

Issue importing a package

1826744: A package could be imported from a newer TotalAgility version to an older version.

Incosistent [field_accum_fact] table content

1826474: The content of the [field_accum_fact] table was different compared with after processing equal sets of wsa_messages.

Calling Capture actions from non-Capture events

1825506: Capture actions were displayed for non-Capture controls where they could not be used.

Error bypassing the 'Please wait' message

1824622: When "Flatten XFA forms to PDF documents using Adobe Experience Manager" in the Document conversion profile was selected to bypass the "Please wait" message, importing TIFF files resulted in a "Document requires document conversion activity before processing" error.

Issue renaming the tab of a copied Tab control

1823298: The tab of a copied Tab control could not be renamed.

Performance issue with extraction

1823269: There was a Performance issue with extraction when reading table information back into the database.

Documentation: Updates required in the Installation Guide

1823266: The "Install databases manually" section of the Installation Guide needed to be updated.

Radio button list with an extra empty line

1822758: If a standard form had a radio button list with a configured label at the top, at runtime an extra blank line was added under the radio button control.

Issue creating a test plan for business rules

1822730: A test plan for a business rule that had a nullable date input field could not be created.

Issue displaying the PageRectangle - Top property

1820437: When using the PageRectangle class with the TotalAgility Web Services, the Top property was not visible due to a typo in the PageRectangle.cs file.

Issue with the Integration Server Configuration Utility

1820169: If you saved the Integration Server Configuration Utility without making any changes, the AutoActivitiesPoolId setting for the Export Service was updated to -1 instead of an empty string ("").

Value mandatory for a string variable with dropdown function/type

1818366: A string variable with a dropdown function/type, required a value (lookup or static).

MHTML file not converted to TIFF in Document conversion

1818050: A MHTML file could not be converted to TIFF by Document conversion if it was defined in the "Allow conversion for extensions" list.

Documentation incorrect for versioning of released and saved forms

1813682: The content related to versioning of released and saved forms was incorrect in the TotalAgility Designer Help.

Database error not logged to the application event log

1812999: The Streaming service did not log the database error to the application event log.

Work type not imported

1812932: When only a work type was imported via the TotalAgility package import, the message was displayed as import being successful; however, the work type was not imported.

Issue updating the database server

1807154: The database server could not be updated when Windows Authentication was used.

Issue due to MoveDocument API failure

1806586: After a MoveDocument API failure, a lock remained on the folder.

Issue passing MSG file using CreateJobWithDocuments

1805577: Extraction of EML and MSG did not work when the MSG file was passed using CreateJobWithDocuments.

Issue reading codes by Web Capture Service SwiftDecoder

1804661: Web Capture Service SwiftDecoder could not read codes at 300 DPI that could be read at 240 DPI.

Restricted files getting uploaded onto the server

1804046: Restricted files could be uploaded onto the server by not adding "." to the end of the file.

Unable to connect to an Oracle database

1803759: A connection to an Oracle database failed when the tenant was accessed via the on-premise multi-tenant server. The "Database information retrieval failed" error appeared.

Data Layer migration failure when upgrading TotalAgility

1803149: When upgrading TotalAgility from to 7.10, the Data Layer migration failed with the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error.

Issue sending jobs to the server from Kyocera 5052ci

1802752: From a Kyocera 5052ci device, jobs were queued but not sent to the server successfully if the server and the device were not restarted.

Data model field name did not support more than 30 characters

1801691: The data model field name was truncated if the length exceeded 30 characters.

Documentation: Missing information in TakeNextActivity2 API

1800829: The information about allocation rules was missing in the TakeNextActivity2 API documentation for UserFilterData.

Could not set allowed errors to a combination of codes

1796151: In the Document conversion profile, the allowed conversion errors could not be set to a combination of codes.

Web server upgrade failure

1795831: A Web server upgrade failed silently when a permission issue was found.

Interval period not used in GIT integration exception handling

1794351: GIT integration exception handling did not use an interval period, which filled the app event log with errors.

Wrong example for the 'docker run' command

1794136: In the Installation Guide and on-premise multi-tenant Installation Guide, the example command for starting the Docker container with a certificate path and password was incorrect.

Multi-select worked improperly

1794011: When comparing a package and selecting "New" or "Differences" and using the "Select all" check box, all items were selected instead of only the items that were new or different.

Job suspended due to document conversion failure

1793495: When the emails imported to TotalAgility went through the Document conversion node, the job was suspended with the "Document Conversion failed with exit code 1" error.

Incorrect information on Job retention policy

1793255: In the Features Guide, the information about the Job retention policy was incorrect.

Linked servers did not authenticate with mixed authentication mode

1793155: When using linked servers between TotalAgility Cloud and TotalAgility on-premise, TotalAgility did not allow mixed authentication mode.

Unusable form on the work queue view

1789148: On clicking the Redirect button to change the Display queries mode on the work queue view to "Dropdown," the form (browser) became unusable, and the browser tab had to be closed.

Error in Export Connector configuration

1789018: When the Export Connector was opened and you tried to map a Connector to a Document type, an error was displayed.

Error executing the business rule

1788869: When executing a business rule activity, the job was suspended with the following error: Failed to execute business rule: "XXX". The executor returned: Error. Failed to compile process assembly. The compiler reported: CS1010: Newline in constant.

Unable to reconnect decision to original tasks

1786541: In Quick Workflow, if you added a decision and created tasks connecting to the decision, and then deleted the connecting arcs, you could not reconnect the decision to the original tasks or other existing tasks.

Email resource recipients not saved in email nodes

1786385: Email resource recipients were not saved in the email nodes.

In a TotalAgility process that contained an email activity, if you mapped a resource to the "TO" field, the resource disappeared once you clicked out of the email activity.

Unable to edit workflow after deleting a condition

1786378: In Quick Workflow, a workflow could not be edited after deleting a condition.

Incorrect data in the audit log

1786012: The audit log displayed incorrect data when the Chrome language was set to Czech.

'Package compare' silently failed to import the data model

1785978: On the Package compare screen, when trying to import a data model with the same name but a different ID from one already on the system, no error message was displayed.

Issue with CreateJobWithDocuments() SDK method

1785969: The CreateJobWithDocuments() SDK method invoked via JSON failed silently when TableColumn and TableRow were not set to -1 for non-table fields.

Issue converting a nvarchar data type to a DateTime data type

1784352: Converting a nvarchar data type to a DateTime data type created an out-of-bounds value.

Batch structure reset after redirecting to a pop-up

1782830: The batch structure was reset after redirecting to a pop-up.

On a Scan create new job form, when a business rule action was used to split the documents and assign them a type, then a full batch RefreshCaptureForm action was used to update the UI, and then if the batch was redirected to a popup, the batch structure got reset.

Upgrade issue

1782637: Upgrade failed with a "System.OutOfMemoryException: Array dimensions exceeded supported range" error.

Missing detailed information on database permissions

1780710: Detailed database permissions required for installation and upgrade were missing in the Installation Guide.

Form display rule issue

1780335: The form display rule was unable to display the form fields list for selection, especially at the true/false outcome.

Documentation: Incorrect information

1778616: In the TotalAgility Designer Help, the information that copying a document with pages decrements TotalAgility Imaging volume was incorrectly stated.

Capture project preload configuration used a fixed version

1777934: When Capture groups were configured to be preloaded, the specific version of the group at the time of configuration was saved by the Designer and used by the Transformation Server.

Delete button issue in a test plan due to translation

1777740: When a test plan was loaded on a browser using a language such as Spanish, German, French, and others, the Delete button was not visible.

Truncation on variables longer than 1024 characters in length

1773433: In the Transformation script, a variable longer than 1024 characters was truncated.

Error if the Validation activity used the end-of-activity behavior

1769929: The Validation activities, if using the end-of-activity behavior, "Automatically complete the activity without prompting me", resulted in the following errors/exceptions:

  • CaptureDsUtility.GetThinClientServices [GetWordsMasked]: Couldn't initialize ThinClient API due to batch data missing.

  • Exception of type 'System.ApplicationException'

Issue passing CaptureComboBox field value to Post Validation Handler map

1769480: The CaptureComboBox field value populated via a database query when confirming another field was not passed to the Post Validation Handler map.

Invisible fields panel in the Document review form

1764098: When creating a layout using a form, the Fields panel was not visible even though it was displayed in the Capture control layout.

Issue retaining 'Output Min/Max Value To' value

1763880: When configuring a DB query form action for a TotalAgility form, if the "Use aggregate" option for the "Return" field was selected, the variable values selected for the "Output Min Value To" or "Output Max Value To" were not retained and the fields were blank.

Subsequent actions not executed after a 'Show message alert'

1762751: In a form that contained a series of actions on a button press including a 'Show message alert' action, all subsequent actions after the 'Show message alert' action were not executed.

Configuration lost for initialization variables

1762086: The configuration of initialization variables mapped to an Embedded page control was lost when the target page was prefixed with HTTP:// or HTTPS://.

Missing information on minimum permissions for integrating with GitHub

1761646: The TotalAgility Designer Help did not state the minimum permissions required for integrating with GitHub.

Issue updating display rules

1761186: The display rule were not updated after renaming controls.

Error opening Management Console when using SQL 2012

1760692: Opening Management Console in TotalAgility Workspace when using SQL 2012 resulted in the "DATEDIFF_BIG is not a recognized built-in function name" error.

An issue with the Scan form

1759200: The Scan form did not work when deleting all documents and scanning new ones.

GetAnnotations2 API method not exposed

1758983: The GetAnnotations2 API method was not exposed in the TotalAgility SDK.

TotalAgility package deployment configuration issue

1740070: Server variables were listed twice in the TotalAgility package deployment configuration.

Issue with EXP0035 exception

1736108: In the TotalAgility Designer Help, the data type and initialization order of variables for the License Threshold Exceeded (EXP0035) exception were incorrect.