Define custom metadata fields

Custom Defined Fields serve for adding additional information to PDF documents so you can later find them more quickly with an index search.

Custom defined fields let you narrow the search, using not only the standard fields (author, title, subject, keywords) but also custom defined fields containing values you can specify. Narrowing the search means that the program will make a full-text search for a given phrase only in the documents distinguished with (one or more) custom defined fields.

You can add as many custom defined fields as you need to your PDF file.

You may edit document metadata fields in the following places:

  • In the Custom section in the Document Information tab of the Document Settings dialog box, in Create Assitant or in the Power PDF Properties (printing preferences) dialog box. See Document Settings for details.

  • In the Custom tab of the Document Properties dialog box, in Power PDF. See Document Properties for details.

As an example, to search PDF files containing data on the last quarter of 2008, define a field: ‘Quarter’, and enter ‘2008 Q2’. Do this for all PDF files you want included in this category.

Add a custom defined field

  1. Under Custom, enter a field name in the Name box.

    For example, enter Quarter.

  2. Enter a field value in the Value box.

    For example, enter 2008Q2.

  3. Click Add.
  4. The newly created custom defined field appears together with its value at the bottom of the dialog box in a table-like structure.
  5. Click OK.

Delete a custom defined metadata field

  1. Under Custom, in the table, select a row to be deleted.
  2. Click the Delete button.
  3. Click OK.

Edit a custom defined metadata field

  1. Under Custom, in the table, select the row where you want to change the value of a custom defined field.
  2. In the Value box, edit the field value.
  3. Click Change.

    The table row displays the new value.

  4. Click OK.