Destination - CMIS

The CMIS Destination Type supports connection to a CMIS-compliant server, which can be located on-premise or in the cloud. CMIS supports standard and Windows authentication for on-premise servers, and OAuth2 authentication to connect to the Alfresco cloud.

To ensure that released documents have the correct version number, make sure that the CMIS versioning feature and search field is enabled. If a document is found by a search property and versioning is enabled, a new version of the document is created. If a document is found by a search property and versioning is not enabled, the released document replaces the old one. However, if a document is submitted without the search field, the CMIS destination attempts to create a new document and will fail if a document already exists.

The General tab has the following fields when you select CMIS as the Destination Type.


The name of the destination, which is visible in the destination selection list when you create shortcuts. The name must be unique on the server.

Current User / Enter Credentials

If connecting to an on-premise CMIS server, specify one of the following authentication methods to access the destination:

  • Current User: Uses the credentials (User ID/Password) for the currently logged in Kofax Front Office Server user.

  • Enter Credentials: Uses credentials that differ from the currently logged in Kofax Front Office Server user, based on the following:

    User ID

    User ID for the account that has permission to access the CMIS server.


    The password associated with the User ID in the previous field.

If connecting to the Alfresco cloud, the credential fields become unavailable.

Destination Type

Select CMIS. For more information about the predefined destination types, see Creating and editing destinations.


An optional description for the destination.


The server address for connecting to a CMIS destination (see CMIS repository URLs):

  • To connect to an on-premise server, enter the server name and address.

  • To connect to the Alfresco cloud, enter the Alfresco cloud URL.

    1. After clicking Save, the Alfresco login page opens.

    2. Enter your Alfresco account information and click Allow to allow Kofax Front Office Server to access the account.

      If Kofax Front Office Server cannot validate the account, the login process stops and destination settings are not saved.

    Connecting to an Alfresco cloud service requires that the service has an application created.

Advanced Permissions: Submit All (Thin Client Only)
Use this option to display the Submit button on this destination for all users. If you clear this option, this button is disabled. You can disable the Submit button when you want users to review and select pages and not submit them all by mistake.