Destinations - Scan Settings tab

This tab includes Kofax VRS image quality cleanup settings for scanned images. Remember to save the changes to enable them to take effect.


This tab has the following fields.

Save Original Copy Of Images Before Processing

Select this option to save a copy of an image before it goes through processing. Use this feature to compare the processed version of the image with the original. Original images are saved in the path specified in the Settings - General tab in the Original Images Output Directory field.

Selecting this option affects export performance.

Scan Color Mode

Select whether the document should be saved as color, grayscale, or black and white. The default value is black and white.

Maximize Quality over Speed

If you select Black and White or Grayscale, and this setting is selected, the image is scanned in color and then converted to your color mode selection on the server. This should result in a better quality image, but may also result in increased network traffic and slower processing time. The default value is Off, which means the image is scanned with your Black and White or Grayscale selection, resulting in a smaller image size and faster network traffic.

This setting applies only to MFP scanning.

Scan DPI

Select the resolution of the image file in dots per inch (dpi). You can select a value in the range 100-400 dpi, or select As Scanned to use the default resolution for your MFP or scanner. If the device does not support your selected dpi, the next highest resolution is used. The default value is 200.

Auto Deskew

When selected, each document is straightened according to the margins and borders on the page. Otherwise, the document is saved as scanned.

Kofax VRS does not support Auto Deskew for bitonal images scanned on an MFP, unless Maximize Quality over Speed is also selected.

Auto Crop

When selected, the document image is cropped according to the size of the paper. Otherwise, the image appears at its scanned size, depending on how the scanner is configured.

Kofax VRS does not support Auto Crop for bitonal images scanned on an MFP, unless Maximize Quality over Speed is also selected.

Blank Page Removal

When selected, blank pages are automatically removed from the document. Otherwise, blank pages are saved with the document.

Auto Rotation

Auto Rotation works only when Auto Deskew is also selected.

When Auto Rotation and Auto Deskew are selected, the document is rotated according to the orientation of the page. Otherwise, the document is saved as scanned.

Paper Size

Select the page size for images. To use the original size of the image, select As Scanned. See the documentation provided by the MFP's vendor for an explanation of supported page sizes and scanning options.

Advanced Image Processing Settings

If you are using advanced image processing, you can associate the EVRS string by inserting it into this field. This setting overrides global settings and other scan settings for the destination or shortcut to which the string is applied.

Add the string by doing either of the following:

  • Copy the string and paste it directly into the field.

  • If the string is in a text file, click Upload and select it from the window that appears. The string appears in the field.

For information about creating and editing the EVRS string, see eVRS command string modules and its subtopics.

Export File Type

Select the file format used to export images from eVRS for Kofax Capture destinations and shortcuts.

  • TIFF: Export black-and-white images as TIFF and color and grayscale as JPEG.

  • JPEG: Export all images as JPEG and use the quality level specified in JPEG Quality field.

JPEG Quality

Select the JPEG image compression quality for Kofax Capture destinations and shortcuts. Enter a value from 1 to 100. The default is 75.