Sending notifications

Notifications inform users about events that occur while their documents are being processed by Kofax Capture. Users receive an email indicating the status of the documents and any errors that occur. As the administrator, you define notifications by specifying events that generate a notification, shortcuts and form types that are monitored, users who receive an email, and the contents of the message. The notification can include macros that display information from Kofax Capture.

One notification, Internal Error Notification, is provided by default to indicate when an error occurs within Kofax Front Office Server. You can modify and disable this notification, but you cannot delete it. Select this notification from the Navigation panel to modify it.

To set up Kofax Front Office Server to send notifications, follow these general steps:

  1. Configure Kofax Front Office Server to send email.
  2. Create the notifications and include macros if desired.

If Kofax Front Office Server is installed with Kofax Capture Network Server, set up notifications on a computer that is available to the entire Kofax Capture installation.