Creating a new shortcut

When creating a new shortcut, be aware of the following:

  • If you attempt to save a shortcut based on a SharePoint destination that is configured to use current user credentials, an error message appears. In this situation, you cannot save the shortcut until you edit the SharePoint destination and specify the credentials that are required to access the SharePoint repository and the content type.

  • When creating a shortcut based on a Kofax Capture destination, you can access form type details only for batch classes that have been published and also assigned to the Kofax Capture administrator user. Otherwise, the following error appears when you attempt to create the shortcut:

    No form type available

  1. On the Navigation panel, select Shortcuts and click Create.

    The General tab appears.

  2. Complete the General tab, and then complete the other tabs, as applicable:
    1. Shortcuts - Associated Device Profiles tab
    2. Shortcuts - Associated Groups tab
    3. Shortcuts - Scan Settings tab
    4. Shortcuts - Export Settings tab
    5. Shortcuts - Shortcut Icon tab
  3. Click Save.

    The new shortcut is authenticated, created, and displayed in the Navigation panel.