Frequently asked questions

Clicking Discover does not find the device. What happened?

The device may be offline or not properly connected and configured to the network. See the device documentation for instructions. If the Discover option still does not discover the device, you can add it manually by specifying its IP address.

Device discovery relies on Apple's Bonjour service. Bonjour uses UDP messaging, so if you experience problems with device discovery, please make sure that UDP is enabled on your network.

Why does the Log On screen appear when I perform a command?

If Administration Console has been inactive for a period of time, it logs off the current user. Enter your log on information, and then click Log On.

Why am I unable to add devices?

There are not enough available devices in your license to support the devices you want to add. Remove or deactivate devices from the Devices - Available Devices list, or purchase a license for additional devices.

How do I find out how many devices I can have?

View the Kofax license utility. The station licenses "Kofax Front Office Server Device" (for MFPs) and "Kofax Front Office Server Mobile Device" (for mobile devices) lists the Maximum number of activated (licensed) devices and also the number of available devices you can add.