Creating notifications

To set up a notification, specify when to send notifications (such as for successful completion or errors), the recipients of the email, and the content of the message. In the message, you can include macros that provide information such as the batch name. Then, select the shortcuts and form types that apply to that notification.

You can create multiple notifications. For example, create one notification to inform users when documents are successfully delivered and another to inform the administrator when an error occurs.

If an error occurs when sending a notification, the error is recorded in the log for Kofax Front Office Server or Kofax Capture, depending on when the error occurred. It is also added to the Windows Event log.

  1. On the Navigation panel, select Notifications.
  2. On the toolbar, click Create.

    The Notifications - General tab appears.

    By default, Enabled is deselected.

  3. To enable the option, select the Enabled check box.

    If you enable this option, notification email messages are generated.

  4. Type a name for the notification. This identifies the notification in the Administration Console but does not appear in the message.
  5. In the Event field, select when the notification is to be sent:
    • Successful Completion: Sent when Kofax Capture exports the complete batch that was sent from Kofax Front Office Server.

    • Successful Cancellation: Sent when the batch is deleted in Kofax Capture.

      If Kofax Capture is using a custom module, batches are not exported: batches are deleted and that triggers a successful cancellation notification.

    • In-progress Status: Sent when a job is in progress.

    • In-progress Error: Sent when an error causes the job to fail.

    • Transaction Received: Sent when the job was received at the server.

  6. In the To, Cc, and Bcc fields, enter the recipients of the email notification. You can add more than one recipient by separating the names or email addresses with commas (,).

    Select Include Authenticated User to include the authenticated user who submitted the job. The user must log on to the MFP or Thin Client and have an email address associated with the user account to receive an email notification.

  7. Set up the content and format of the notification message by completing the following fields:
    • Subject: Type the subject of the message.

    • Body: Type the message that will appear in the message.

    You can add macros to any field to insert values from the documents. See Macros for notifications for instructions.

  8. Click Save.

    The new notification appears on the Notifications - Configured Notifications tab.

  9. Select the new notification, and use the Associated Shortcuts and Associated Form Types tabs to select which items generate messages. Use the following buttons on the tabs to select items:

    Generates notifications for the selected shortcuts or form types.

    Removes notifications for the selected shortcuts or form types.

For Kofax Capture shortcuts: If Kofax Capture is configured to export partial batches, a notification of successful completion is not sent until the entire batch has been exported. If the remainder of the batch is deleted, the successful cancellation notification is sent. If the remainder of the batch fails, an in-progress notification is sent.