Managing devices

Administration Console can discover devices on the same network so you can add devices to Kofax Front Office Server. Administration Console cannot discover devices that are on different subnets or outside a firewall. These devices can connect with Kofax Front Office Server and be added and self-registered to activate a Kofax device license. See Device licenses for information on how and when licenses are activated.

The number of devices you can add to a server is limited by your licenses. A license allocation error appears if you exceed the number of devices in your license. You can deactivate or remove devices from the server to free licenses for other devices.

You also need to install software on your device to enable it to connect to and use Kofax Front Office Server by doing the following:

  1. Go to the online or offline documentation and locate the MFP administrator's guide for the device.

  2. Download the MFP client software from Administration Console.

  3. Follow the instructions in the MFP administrator's guide to set up the client software.

  4. Register the device in Administration Console.

    A Kofax button is added to the MFP front panel.

When you click the Kofax button, the MFP connects to Kofax Front Office Server. Kofax Front Office Server automatically adds the MFP to the available devices list in Administration Console. For mobile devices, the actions are similar: when the device connects to Kofax Front Office Server, Kofax Front Office Server adds the MFP to the available devices list. After the MFP is on the available devices list, one of the following occurs, depending on the Administration Console settings:

  • If self-registration is enabled, activates a device license for the added device.

  • If a default device profile exists, the device displays the elements (destination or shortcuts, buttons, and so forth) configured for the device profile.