Introduction to Administration Console

Administration Console enables you to manage Kofax Front Office Server, configure devices connected to it, and set the permissions for Thin Client users.

Because Administration Console is a browser-based application, you can run it from any workstation connected to Kofax Front Office Server.

Configuring devices

  1. Manage MFP Devices.

    Use self-registration, automatic discovery, or add devices manually.

  2. Create Destinations and Shortcuts

    Create destinations and shortcuts to Kofax Capture form types so that users can send documents to them directly from the devices. When associated with a device profile that is associated with a device, the destinations and shortcuts display as buttons on the MFP front panel or device screens. You can also set custom scan export settings for each destination and shortcut.

  3. Create device profiles, and then associate device profiles with shortcuts or destinations and devices. See Create, Associate, and Edit Device Profiles.

Receiving notifications

You can receive email notifications about documents sent to shortcuts and destinations. Notifications can be customized for your choice of recipients to include a message with information from the documents. You can specify when messages are sent (such as on successful delivery or an error) and create different notifications for different destinations and users. To set up notifications, see Sending notifications.

Getting help

Click the Help button on the Administration Console window. You can use the contents, index, and search features to go to any topic in the Help system.

See the Kofax Front Office Server Support pages on the Kofax website for a list of supported devices. Information about installing and configuring MFPs is in the Kofax Front Office Server administrator guide for the MFP.