eVRS strings examples

Following are the examples to build eVRS strings.

Binarization, advanced clarity, and aggressiveness

To perform binarization, with advanced clarity turned on, and aggressiveness set to 3:

		  Value="1" Comment="DEFAULT 0" />_LoadSetting_<PropertyName="CBinarize.
		  Cleanup_Slider_Pos.Int" Value="3" Comment="DEFAULT 3" />

Binarization, hole fill, despeckle, and additional settings

To perform binarization, hole fill, despeckle with maximum speckle size set to 3, edge cleanup, blank page detection, with auto contrast enabled, and blank page detection threshold edge detection set to 300:

		  Value="1" Comment="DEFAULT 1"
		  />_LoadSetting_<PropertyName="CBlkPage.Min_Count_Edge.Int" Value="300"
		  Comment="DEFAULT 75" />