Resolution of inconsistencies

If the operations_str happens to contain contradictory requests, such as DO_BINARIZATION and DO_GRAY_OUTPUT, resolve such conflicts as follows:

  • For the output bit-depth-related keywords (_DoBinarization_, _DoEnhancedBinarization_, and _DoGrayOutput_), the last one will be used if more than one are present.

  • _DoSkewCorrectionPage_ and _DoSkewCorrectionAlt_ can coexist. If they are both present, deskew is applied to the content if the found page gets rejected.

  • If the same keyword or parameter name is followed by a different parameter value, such as _Do90DegreeRotation_0_Do90DegreeRotation_4, the last value is used.

  • All individual parameter values loaded from substrings beginning with _LoadInlineSetting_ are loaded in the order they are mentioned in the operations_str, so if the same parameter name is mentioned again, the last value is used.