Shortcuts - Export Settings tab

The settings on this tab determine the properties that are applied to the files exported from Kofax Front Office Server. Remember to save the changes so they take effect.


The Export Settings tab has the following fields.

Allow User to Override Export Settings

Select this check box to allow users to access and override the preset export settings from the MFP or other device. Otherwise, the export settings cannot be accessed by the user.

File Type

The format in which the file is exported. The default value is TIFF. The remaining fields on the tab will vary, based on your file type selection.

Fields for TIFF File Type

If you select TIFF as the file type, the following fields appear on the Export Settings tab.


By default, single page is the document type. With single page, files are exported to a folder containing one file per scanned image. Select this check box to change to multipage, which exports files to a folder containing documents (one file per document). Each multipage file contains all the images that belong to a document.

To ensure best results for a fax destination, you may want to change the default setting to Multipage. Otherwise, you will send one file per page to the fax server.

Tiff - Compression Mode

The type of compression mode to be applied to the exported image. If you require a compression format that is not listed, use the compression settings in Kofax Capture.

Field for JPEG File Type

If you select JPEG as the file type, the following field appears on the Export Settings tab.

JPEG Quality

Set the quality as a percentage. By default, 75% is the default, which is the same as Kofax Capture.

Fields for PDF File Type

If you select PDF as the file type, the following fields appear on the Export Settings tab.

PDF Version

Select a PDF version, or Auto to automatically select the lowest version that is compatible with the other selected features.


Select this check box to enable images to be deskewed automatically when generating PDFs.

Perform OCR

Select this check box to create a searchable PDF.

Perform OCR Language

Select each language in which the PDF should be searchable.

Text Placement

Select one of the following:

  • Image Only: Document image is preserved without the text.

  • Text Only: Text is preserved without the document image.

  • Text Over Image: Text is superimposed over the document image.

  • Text Under Image: The document image is superimposed over the text.


Typically, the most accurate OCR results may require more time than otherwise. Select one of the following to indicate your preference for OCR processing:

  • Balance performance with accuracy

  • Maximize accuracy

  • Maximize performance


Indicate the preferred PDF format:

  • PDF: Standard PDF format

  • PDF/A: PDF format for long-term archiving