Transaction Review list

This screen shows a list of document transactions that may require action by an administrator. For example, if too many transactions are queued, the system may need to be scaled. Or, if an email server is temporarily unavailable, certain jobs may need to be retried.

The Transaction Review list includes the following:

  • Jobs that fail to be submitted to the destination for any reason

  • Jobs that encounter an error and are scheduled to be retried (jobs are retried 3 times automatically before they fail)

  • Jobs that are queued for submission but not selected for processing

The Transaction Review list does not include the following:

  • Jobs in user in boxes that are not queued for submission

  • Completed jobs that are no longer in the system

Any job in an Error state can be restarted, deleted, or sent to a user's inbox. The Restart and Delete functions do not work with jobs in other states.


The Transaction Review screen includes the following fields.

Transaction ID

Internal reference to a job.


Shortcut or destination name associated with the transaction.


Name of the document.


Date on which the job was initially scanned or imported.


Lists the number of pages associated with the transaction.

User ID

User who scanned the transaction.


Lists the state of the transaction as one of the following:

  • Pending

  • Uploading

  • Queued

  • Processing

  • Inbox

  • Merged

  • Complete

  • Retry

  • Error

  • Error to Inbox

  • Deleted

Failure Time

Date and time when the last retry failed. Available only if the status is Error.


Link to the path for images, if the transaction still exists; appears blank if the transaction is no longer in the system.


Error message, which is displayed only to the column width. Available only if the status is Error. You can delete or resubmit a job with an Error status.