Associating permissions with users and groups

After you create Thin Client Permissions, you can associate them with individual users or groups. For example, use the Group tabs to view which users are in the group and which permissions are associated with the group.

By default, there are no permissions associated with any users or groups. To associate a permission (for example, Default Permissions) with all users, associate the permission with the Kofax Capture Everyone group.

When you change permissions for a group, the changes apply to all members of that group. You can change the settings for individual members of a group, such as if you have a team leader of a group of operators who should have redaction activities.

You can change permissions at any time. Users can stay logged on when you change associations, but the changes are not applied to them until the next time they log on.

  1. On the Navigation panel, select Users (to associate permissions with individual users) or Groups (to associate permissions with groups).
  2. Select a user or a group.
  3. Select the Associated Thin Client Permissions tab. Use the arrow buttons to associate or remove permissions.

    Associates the selected groups or users.

    Removes the selected groups or users.