Settings - General tab

This tab contains settings related to global preferences. If you change any settings, click Save.


This tab has the following fields. You can select settings to enable or disable by selecting the check box to the left of the setting.

Integrated Windows Authentication

Enables or disables single sign on to the Administration Console and the Thin Client. Detailed information is provided in the topic "About Single Sign On" in the Kofax Front Office Server Administrator's Guide.

Enable MFP Self-Registration

Enables or disables MFP self-registration. With this setting enabled, all MFPs automatically activate a device license if there are available licenses. With this option disabled, you must manually perform the license activation.

Require Authentication for Device Registration

When enabled, users need to log on at a device before it is registered. If a device is not registered, a prompt appears at the device requiring a user name and password. When authentication is successful, the device is registered. Clear this option if you do not want to require authentication to register a device.

Display Confirmation Messages

Enables or disables confirmation messages to be sent from Kofax Front Office Server to this MFP. Messages provide visual feedback to the user at the MFP front panel when each scanned transaction reaches the server, or if any problems are encountered.

Not all MFPs support display of confirmation messages. See the Overview section of the administrator's guide for your MFP to see if your MFP supports this feature.

Encrypt Image Data

When enabled, images in the database are encrypted.

Encrypt Index Data

When enabled, index data in the database is encrypted. (Other data remains unencrypted.)

During discovery, search IPv6 addresses before IPv4

When selected, device discovery looks for IPv6 addresses before searching IPv4 addresses. If you change the search order, the Kofax Front Office Server service must be restarted.

Disable unsecured access (HTTP)

If secured access (HTTPS) is enabled, you have the option of disabling unsecured access to the Administration Console and Thin Client through HTTP. For Local Client, the setting change is applied at the server when it is successfully synchronized with the Local Client. Select this option to allow only secured access to these applications. Clear this option to allow both HTTP and HTTPS access.

This setting does not apply to MFPs. The option is unavailable if HTTPS is not enabled, or if you connected to the Administration Console through HTTP.

Scan History Retention Period

The number of days to retain the Thin Client Job History records or the MFP scan history records. The records retained in history on the server are available to be displayed on the Job History list on the Thin Client or the MFP Scan History lists. Set the value to one of the following:

  • 1 or more: Retains records in history for the number of days you specify

  • 0: Deletes all history records

  • -1: Prevents history records from being deleted

Not all MFPs support a Scan History list.

Scan History Display Limit

The number of transactions to display on the Job History list on the Thin Client or the Scan History list on each MFP (for MFP models that support the list). The maximum number is 50 and the default value is 20. The transactions are listed in descending order, with the most recent at the top. Pressing the Scan History button on any connected MFP contacts the server, so any change you make to this limit is effective immediately on the MFP.

Some MFPs may have a specific limit of fewer than 50 transactions. See the Help for the MFP Scan History for information about these limitations.

Original Images Output Directory

Specify the path where original images are saved when the Save Original Copy Of Images Before Processing option is selected for a destination or shortcut. The path will be created if it does not exist. If this field is blank or invalid, no files are copied.


This key is used for the registration Web service used by MFPs. To protect your system, you may change this key as needed.