Editing MFP properties

You can edit information about an MFP, including its IP address, MAC address, and device name and model. If the IP address changes, enter the new address and use the Discover command to retrieve information. Make sure that the new IP address is not used by another discovered device.

  1. On the Navigation panel, select Devices and then select a device on the list.
  2. On the General tab, if the IP address has changed, enter the new address in the IP field.
  3. Click Discover.

    Administration Console attempts to discover the device and retrieve as much information from it as possible.

  4. If the Discover command cannot complete all of the fields, or if the device cannot be discovered on the network, complete the remaining fields. All fields except Description are required.
  5. (Optional) Type a description of the MFP in the Description field.
  6. Click Save.