Welcome to Document Classifier Assistant

Documents exist in many different types and layouts and it is a common task to identify and categorize them based on their diverse contents.

Document classification means that documents are assigned to classes.

It consists of two main phases:

  1. Training and testing

  2. Classifying

Document Classifier Assistant lets you define classes to which you can add training and test documents for training and testing the document classifier. After the Training and Testing Process you can export a Document Classifier Project File, which contains all the necessary information to perform classification. CSDK provides an API (Document Classifier API) for loading the Document Classifier Project File and classifying documents.

Document Classifier utilizes CSDK v20 and lets you:

  • Create different classes for multiple document types

  • Add training files whose features the application can learn and identify in a workflow

  • Add test files to match characteristics of previously trained files based on a confidence value

  • Export Document Classifier Project in a file (*.dcp)