Status bar

Status Bar

The application status bar, see Figure 1, displays the following options:

Figure 1. Status bar
Status bar

Figure 2. Processing status bar
Job status display on status bar when processing

1 Job status Displays current job status; when working, Ready is replaced by Working... as seen on Figure 2.
2 Selection count Displays number of items selected.
3 Mouse position on image Displays X and Y coordinates of cursor on the image; inactive if cursor is not on the image.
4 Rectangle size Size of the selected rectangle in pixels.
5 Zoom slider Enables users to zoom in and out on the image between the preset values (7%-1600%).
6 Fit image Fits whole image in the application's image panel.
7 Fit width Fits the image to the full width of the application's image panel.
8 Actual size Displays the image in its actual size.