Image file handling module

This module supports loading and saving different image file formats. During loading, the system automatically detects the file format and compression method of the image files without using file extensions. Both this and the Image Handling Module support B/W, grayscale and color images. CSDK can read the following multi-page image file formats: DCX, MAX, PDF, TIFF and TIFF-FX. The input can be an image file, or the memory of the integrating application. After the file is loaded, the image is forwarded to the Image Handling Module, that can save the input.

To achieve faster image file handling for multi-page TIF and PDF files, call kRecOpenImgFile prior to calling kRecLoadImg. This way there is no need to lose time opening the same image file repeatedly for each page. The open, load, and close (kRecOpenImgFile, kRecLoadImg, kRecCloseImgFile) functions are connected by the HIMGFILE handle in an already familiar way. To load single-page images, or to load single pages from multi-page files, you can use the kRecLoadImgF function. In this case, it is not necessary to use the HIMGFILE handle.