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The ModuleInfo object contains information about a specific Engine recognition module even if the particular module is not available because of the lack of the appropriate licensing. Use the Version property to decide whether the module is available or not. Use the InitCode property to determine the reason if the module is unavailable.

The ModuleInfos collection is a sorted set of ModuleInfo objects. Each element in the collection represents an Engine module. Using these objects you can retrieve information about the available Engine modules.

Some modules must always be distributed with the integrating application, since their existence is a prerequisite of any Engine operation. Others, such as some recognition modules, the scanning module, and so on, must be distributed only if the integrating application requires their services. This flexibility allows the integrator to scale the capability of the distribution file set for disk footprint sensitive applications. This collection can be used to log diagnostic information that helps solving problems. Diagnostic information can provide users with run time feedback, when an application is designed to optionally use a variable set of Engine modules.