Standard toolbar

Table 1. Standard toolbar
Icon Name Description
New project icon Create new project Create a new project.
Open project icon Open existing project Open an already existing project.
Save project icon Save project Save the changes made to the project.

It is a floating toolbar. it can be dragged across the screen and docked to all four sides of the Main panel.

Edit toolbar

The Edit toolbar has the following menu items:

Table 2. Edit toolbar
Icon Name Description
Undo icon Undo Undo the latest action.
Redo icon Redo Redo the latest revoked action.

Format toolbar

Table 3. Format toolbar
Icon Name Description
Train icon Train Run the training process.
Test all icon Test all test documents Run the test process.
Test selected icon Test selection only Select documents from the test set, and run the test process only on the selected documents.

The toolbars can be docked to all four sides of the application window.

The Main panel toolbar always displays functions specific to the Project section currently selected in Project Explorer. This toolbar is fixed and cannot be docked anywhere.

Section specific toolbars