Essay mode

Besides True Page and Flowing Page layouts where text precisely matches the raw picture, in essay mode size and positioning is not in the major focus. The separately formatted text blocks have common properties, like font and font size. It allows the end user to format the text easily by changing font and paragraph attributes of large blocks of text with the same style. The style updates affect all text, that belong to the same style, even if the text is in separate blocks. Moreover, removing headers and footers allows users to reformat the whole text more easily, and present it as an HTML page.​

Essay mode supports the following functions:

  • Attribute-based style categorization for text

  • Building Table of Contents directly from heading levels in DOCX and RTF formats

  • Header and footer can be removed to get a continuous text.

  • Any of the above features can be used separately or in any combination.

Essay mode is intended for users, who want to process a whole document manually, after chosen individual export flags at save. The input should be large documents with continuous text and multiple pages. Certain sub-features, like Headers/Footers, Heading, and Style, can also be used on their own. This mode is based on the already existing Formatted Text mode with special default settings, that is already available in previous CSDK versions.