Stop words with details

The order of the table rows can be changed by clicking the table headers.

You can edit the columns in the toolbar above the Main panel:

  • Click the Word field and enter the desired text/modify the existing one. Click the Modify button to apply your changes.

  • Click the New button to create a new stopword from an existing one you modified. The newly modified stopword derived from the original automatically goes to the end of the list, but you can still reorder the list for proper alphabetical order as described above.

    The New button becomes active only if you modify an existing stopword in the Word field.

  • Click the Remove button to delete the selected stopword.

  • Click the Save stopword list to file button to save the stopword list to an XML file.

  • Click the Load stopwords from file (merge) button to load an XML file, adding it to the current list.

    Already existing stopwords are not included in the list.