Activate OEM license

  • Activate the OEM license with the following command:

    Where parameters are the following:

    • OEMCODE: a 12-character user-specified string

      If the -c OEMCODE is missing from the above command, OPLicMgr uses a randomly generated code.

    • LICENSEKEY: the 22 character long license key from the OmniPage Fulfillment email regarding your order. If you give your user more than one license keys, write them all in the command line and separate them with spaces.

    • LCXZFILE: the relative or absolute path of the output file having the LCXZ extension, that contains all the activated licenses after the activation.

      In addition, a C header file is also generated into the same folder with the same name and with .h extension. This helps the use of the given LCXZ file in the integrating application, since this header contains an OEM_CODE macro, which can be passed to the proper function in the initialization step of the OP CSDK.

  • Add licenses to an already existing LCXZ file with the following command:

    Since an LCXZ file has to contain licenses that were activated with the same OEM code, the C header file containing the OEM_CODE macro has to be on the same path and with the same name with .h extension.