Parameters of OCRService.ini

Table 1. Parameters of the OCRService.ini file
Parameter Range Description
CPUUsage 1 - 100 The percentage of the CPU cores used by the OCRServer, rounded to the closest integer CPU cores. The default value is 100. At least one CPU core is always used.
UserCount 1 - maximal number of CPUs The number of OCRServers that can run together.
Lives 1 - .. The number of jobs processed by an OCRServer during its lifetime. The default value is 10.
LifeTime 0 - .. The number of seconds an OCRService keeps the idle OCRServers in the memory.
Timeout 1 - ..

The number of seconds that can pass without a running OCRServer giving signal. If this time limit is proseeded, the OCRService considers the job as non-responsive, and terminates the server.

The default value is 60.

The entered data is the initial value. This parameter is recalculted during the processing.

Log -1 or 0

0: logging is swithched off

-1: logging is switched on

Restart -1 or 0 - 23

If the OCRService is idle at the given hour of the day, the OCRservice performs a restart. This parameters works only if the OCRService runs as a Windows service.

If the value is -0, the service does not restart.

PingTime 1 - .. The number of minutes the OCRServer pings the client applications.
RPCTimeOut 1 - .. The OCRService pings the OCRServers regularly. This parameter is the number of minutes, the server has to come back from ping, independent from the workload. If this time limit is exceeded, the server is considered as non-responsive and it is terminated.
WorkingDirectory   The default working directory of CSDK. The input and output directory paths are relative to this directory.
PriorityClass See the possible values on the Microsoft site. The priority of a process within an OCRServer.
MemoryLimit   The upper limit of memory in GB an OCRServer can use during a run.