Designer Automation API

With this API, you can create WorkflowXMLs programmatically.

IWR works with default license installed to a physical computer or on Central Licensing Server (No OEM).

Sample IWR Command Line Tool

IWR.exe is basically a development tool but you can easily implement your own version of it. Its source is located in OmniPage\CSDK21\Samples\WorkflowRunner\IWR folder.

If you have multiple input files for a workflow, you can also specify them, therefore /i:inputA.tif,inputB.tif means replacing this:

<Inputs type="array">
      <Input type="string" value="$inputfile1$" />


With this:

<Inputs type="array">
      <Input type="string" value="inputA.tif" />
      <Input type="string" value="inputB.tif" />