Define barcode anchor zones

You may define a barcode anchor zone by proceeding with the following steps:

  1. Click Home > Barcode Anchor.

    A drop-down list appears with buttons for the different types of anchor zones.

    Figure 1. Barcode anchor zone type selection
    Barcode anchor zone type selection

  2. Click any of the anchor zone types. The cursor shape visually adopts to the selected anchor icon with a cross-hair in its top-left corner indicating that you can use it to mark an area as a particular type of zone.

    The following cursors may appear depending on the selected type of anchor zone:

    • Positional barcode anchor cursor: Positional barcode anchor cursor

    • Reference barcode anchor cursor: Reference barcode anchor cursor

    • Selector barcode anchor cursor: Selector barcode anchor cursor

    • Check barcode anchor cursor: Check barcode anchor cursor