Prepare distribution file set

This section describes how to distribute the necessary Engine files with your application developed using the CSDK.

The Distribution Wizard is a separate executable which you can use to collect distribution file sets. Because it collects the files from the CSDK installation folder, it always gets the latest installed content, so if you have any patch or point release installed, the file set collection will reflect this updating.

The CSDK setup program installs all files to the developer system. Components, for example Form Template Editor, and Document Classifier Assistant can be selected during the setup procedure on the Customize installation screen.

These steps are described in detail in the General Information help.

  1. Prepare an Engine configuration for distribution (create a distribution file set).
  2. Include the file set in a setup program or installer you have written.
  3. Copy these Engine files (together with your integrating application files) to your customer machine.
  4. Read the hints in the Distribution Wizard log, and make sure the necessary system files are installed on the target computer.
  5. Setup the user's system for scanning, if necessary.
  6. Ensure that recognition modules (and the PDF output converter and other Add-ons) used by your integrating application get licensed.