Introduction to Visual Toolbox

This help system provides a description of the Visual Toolbox, also known as Visuals, and a recently developed set of ActiveX controls named MediumWeightVisuals. These provide all visual controls necessary to create customized user interfaces for Windows applications using the IPRO interfaces. The IPRO provides invisible imaging, recognition and document management services. The ActiveX controls focus on typical user interface elements that require complex programming tasks to have the following functions:

  • Display images

  • Correct preprocessing and decomposition mistakes

  • View and modify recognition results

The controls visualize the contents of the objects managed by IPRO, for example images, recognized texts, and so on. They provide different levels of presentation, adjusted to the underlying object hierarchy. The controls work in together with IPRO and with each other on multiple multi-page documents.

The interfaces of the Visual Controls are available in English, French and German. See UILanguage / UILanguages.