Activate license in OPLA, using the web interface, offline mode

  1. Open the OPLA.
  2. Enter all License keys to be activated in the Activate tab, and click Activate.

    The email received after purchase contains the License key.

    OPLA assigns HWFP to the licenses.

  3. The OPLA creates a ActivationPackage.lcxp file. Save the ActivationPackage.lcxp file as this file has to be used later.

    If the download dialog is not launched automatically, you have 15 minutes to download the package.lcxp file from the provided link.

  4. Bring the ActivationPackage.lcxp file to a computer with access to the Activation Server.
  5. Enter the address of the Activation Server ( in a browser, and select Process license package.
  6. Upload the ActivationPackage.lcxp file, and click Process License Package.

    You can browse to the proper file, or drag and drop it.

    The Activation Server creates the LoadPackage.lcxp file.
  7. Save the received file, and bring it to the computer where OPLA is hosted.
  8. Open OPLA, and select Load button.
  9. Select the LoadPackage.lcxp file provided by the Activation Server in step 7, and click Upload.

    You can browse to the proper file, or drag and drop it.

The license is activated.