Test Applications Using Temporary Test Licenses

After you have finished compiling the distribution file set, the next step is testing your application. This guide presents the basic outline: for details see the corresponding topic in the General Information Help.

The test computer can be any computer where the CSDK has not been installed, and no developer license has been activated.

All aspects of the application should be tested and passed through a QA procedure, to ensure correct interaction with the CSDK in the test environment.

  1. Be aware which recognition modules are used by your application.
  2. Check whether your distribution licensing supports all the RECOGNITIONMODULEs required by your application.
  3. Ensure that your application checks the availability of required modules.
  4. Select the distribution file set of the Engine.
  5. Activate one or more temporary Seat Licenses on the test computer.
  6. Check which Engine modules are licensed on the test computer.
  7. Check which Engine modules are licensed, available and initialize correctly.
  8. Fully test the application. Remove the log file (DistributionWizard.log) and the DISTR_TST.exe executable from the test folder.