Activate license in OPLicMgr, offline mode

To activate Seat license on a computer without internet access, perform the following step:

  1. Create an activation package with the following command on the target computer:
    OPLicMgr -nonet -activate <LICENSEKEY>

    Where LICENSEKEY is the 22 character long license key from the OmniPage Fulfillment email regarding your order. If you activate multiple licenses at the same time, separate the license keys with comma.

    A new OP_Activate.lcxp file is generated in the Documents folder. This file contains all the information required for activation on a different PC. Save this license package to a portable media.

  2. Move your saved file to another computer with internet access.
  3. Go to the site, and follow the instructions on that web page to activate the license package.
  4. Download and save the activated lcxp file to a portable media, and move it back to the target computer.
  5. Activate the license on the target computer with the following command:

    Where ACTIVATEDLICENSEPACK is the relative or absolute path of the activated license pack file saved in the previous step.