Getting Help for Kofax Products

Kofax regularly updates the Kofax Support site with the latest information about Kofax products.

To access some resources, you must have a valid Support Agreement with an authorized Kofax Reseller/Partner or with Kofax directly.

Use the tools that Kofax provides for researching and identifying issues. For example, use the Kofax Support site to search for answers about messages, keywords, and product issues. To access the Kofax Support page, go to

The Kofax Support page provides:

  • Product information and release news

    Click a product family, select a product, and select a version number.

  • Downloadable product documentation

    Click a product family, select a product, and click Documentation.

  • Access to product knowledge bases

    Click Knowledge Base.

  • Access to the Kofax Customer Portal (for eligible customers)

    Click Account Management and log in.

    To optimize your use of the portal, go to the Kofax Customer Portal login page and click the link to open the Guide to the Kofax Support Portal. This guide describes how to access the support site, what to do before contacting the support team, how to open a new case or view an open case, and what information to collect before opening a case.

  • Access to support tools

    Click Tools and select the tool to use.

  • Information about the support commitment for Kofax products

    Click Support Details and select Kofax Support Commitment.

Use these tools to find answers to questions that you have, to learn about new functionality, and to research possible solutions to current issues.